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Considering a Rearchitecture of Postfix to make a FLOSS Kubernetes-native MTA: a First Look

Here on the Open Source Community Infrastructure (OSCI) team at Red Hat, we run most of our workloads on CentOS virtual machines, but we’ve been aiming to containerize some of these workloads and run them on Kubernetes/OpenShift. We reason that if we have more of our applications running on OpenShift, then that should translate to more efficient use of both our hardware resources and our people resources, leaving us able to support more upstream communities.

As a part of this effort I have been investigating how the Postfix MTA might be properly containerized and what sort of changes would best suit Postfix if it were to be refactored into a Kubernetes-native application. If a FLOSS MTA like this was driven to completion, it would have the potential to streamline the management of email services for many infrastructure teams including ours.