Open Source Community Infrastructure

You might have found your way here by clicking a link on a page that uses osci.io services in one way or another.

Osci.io provides infrastructure and services for open source communities and projects connected with the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) within Red Hat (formerly known as OSAS, Open Source and Standards). To work with us, join one of the many communities we participate in directly. We participate in, and contribute to opensourceinfra.org to share our work ranging from content to best practices.

This website is maintained at gitlab.com/osci/osci.io and our open infrastructure configuration management, scripts, content, documentation, and so forth are maintained in the gitlab.com/osci repository

Stalk us

  • Follow #openinfra on Twitter for news and updates.
  • Follow @redhatopen for updates from the Red Hat OSPO team.

Projects we work on

Our team participates directly on infrastructure operations in multiple upstream free/open source software projects:

Contact us

We want our communication and operations to be open to encourage participation and collaboration.

Since our team is distributed around the world, the daily operations and discussions happen mostly online.

Live Discussion

The daily operations and live discussion happens on the #openinfra channel on the Libera IRC network.

Mailing list

The openinfra mailing list the place for open and transparent discussion for the Open Source Infrastructure community.

Security Contact

For any questions or concerns email security@osci.io.