Since we are in charge of’s maintenance but we lack experience with this service, this page will collect notes as we have to handle new situations.


Zanata is fully deployed using Ansible. The jbosseap7 and zanata Ansible roles have been opensourced and we’re now in charge of their maintenance. It requires a registered RHEL 7 to get EAP7 packaging at the right version. The zanata Package is available in our Copr repository and we also are in charge of the maintenance.

Admin Tool

The admin UI does not give a complete view of the user and their associated projects, thus we have created a small script to help us. It is already available on the root account’s home and can be used on the cpmmand-line like this:

cd zanata-admin
source ./bin/activate
./zanata-admin --help

Frequent Topics

User Deletion

In the Admin UI, you can search for a specific user in the Manage Users page. Before cliking on the username the chevron on the left side opens a menu where you can fin the delete action.

If the user has made translations or is linked to an active project then it may not be possible to delete it. Instead you can use the Erase user's personal data action.

Finding a Specific Project

It is not easy to find a specific project by its name and their may be conflicts. The unique path to a project is called the project slug and can be used to access the project info page:<slug>

If you look at a user’s details using the Admin Tool then you can get the slug of their projects.