DNS master server, Polly, syncronize all master zones to Francine and Carla using TSIG.

Reverse IPs are defined in Red Hat infrastructure in the dnsmaps system.

Deploying Master Zones

Master zones files are in data/tenants/osci/dns/zones/ in the Ansible repository, and can be deployed with a playbook:

 ansible-playbook --diff -t dns_data playbooks/tenants/osci/dns.yml

Setting up Reverse IPs

These IPs are in dnsmaps, IPv4 in prod/external-default/8.43.85 and IPv6 in prod/external-default/

To compute the IPv6 nibbles you can use the ipv6calc tool, for example:

 ipv6calc -q --out 2620\:52\:3\:1\:5054\:ff\:fe64:ab5a

Remove the IPv6 network prefix defined in the ORIGIN to get the entry.