Accessing the Blade

To power the blade and process through the installation procedure, please familiarize yourself with the blades’ administrative interfaces first.

OS Installation

OS Selection

You may have to reboot and select the right menu to choose PXE. One of the interfaces of the blade should be in the OSCI-Provisioning VLAN and should catch DHCP and propose an installation menu. You should have access to manual and basic automated installation for classic OSes, and maybe tenant/topic-specific automated installations if there are.

If no DHCP is caught, then most probably the switches needs to be reconfigured to change the network assignation. Also beware not all blade interfaces are able to boot on PXE.

Finding Provisioning IP

You can find the provisioning IP using a special playbook:

 ansible-playbook --diff -l <bladename> playbooks/find_prov_ip.yml

Red Hat Systems

On Red Hat OSes the graphical installation is accessible via VNC.

After installing a VNC client, you need to redirect port 5001 to the provisioning IP of the blade:

ssh -L 5901:<blade-prov-ip>:5901

And finally access the graphical installation:

vncviewer localhost:5901

The VNC password is available on the OSAS Vault.

Debian Systems

On Debian systems you can continue on the console redirection, activate another TTY and use screen to control the text mode installation.