Level of  
Tenant Service Location Description Involvement Status
Beaker Website / Mails www.beaker-project.org
Webserver with rsync uploads for website and RPMs, mail aliases collaboration WIP
CKI project Webserver artifacts.cki-project.org Webserver to publish build artifacts full WIP
Community Website Builder community-web-builder.int.osci.io Middleman builder for community.redhat.com full OK
  Website community.redhat.com Webserver for community.redhat.com full OK
Fedora Atomic tests Test nodes fedora-atomic-[1-6].osci.io dedicated blades for tests collaboration WIP
GDB Build machine gdb-buildbot.osci.io Buildbot hosting-only OK
Gnocchi Website gnocchi.osci.io Gnocchi & client documentation builder and web server, web server full OK
GNOME ??? flowbox.gnome.org dedicated blade hosting-only OK
JBOSS MLs lists.jboss.org Mailman 3 full WIP
Kiali OpenShift Service Mesh bot kiali-bot.osci.io   hosting-only OK
Minishift MLs lists.minishift.io Mailman 3 full OK
NFS Ganesha MLs lists.nfs-ganesha.org Mailman 3 full OK
  Web redirection www.nfs-ganesha.org redirection to GitHub wiki full OK
  File zone download.nfs-ganesha.org Webserver with SFTP uploads full OK
Open Source Infra MLs lists.opensourceinfra.org Mailman 3 full OK
Open Data Hub MLs lists.opendatahub.io Mailman 3 full OK
OpenJDK Sources openjdk-sources.osci.io Webserver and SFTP accounts full OK
oVirt MLs mail.ovirt.org Mailman 3, web UI on lists.ovirt.org collaboration OK
  Website Builder ovirt-web-builder.int.osci.io Middleman builder for www.ovirt.org collaboration OK
  Website www.ovirt.org Webserver for www.ovirt.org collaboration OK
  Monitoring monitoring.ovirt.org Icinga collaboration OK
  Glance glance.ovirt.org Glance instance collaboration OK
Patternfly Forum patternfly-forum.osci.io Discourse collaboration OK
PCP Tools   Taskboard and various tools hosting-only OK
PO4A Website www.po4a.org Jekyll or ASCII Binder builder and webserver full OK
  MLs lists.po4a.org Mailman 3 full OK
Podman MLs lists.podman.io
Mailman 3, shared with the Buildah project full OK
Pulp Website Builder pulp-web-builder.int.osci.io Jekyll builder for pulpproject.org collaboration OK
  Websites pulpproject.org
Webserver for project pages and documentation collaboration OK
Python Builder python-builder-rawhide.osci.io CI Builder TBD OK
RDO Website Builder rdo-web-builder.int.osci.io Middleman builder for www.rdoproject.org collaboration OK
SCL Website www.softwarecollections.org Webserver hosting-only OK
Spice Website www.spice-space.org Webserver full OK
The Open Source Way Website theopensourceway.org Mediawiki full OK